The Foltzye Metaverse


  • NFT Marketplace
  • Foltzye Launchpad
  • Foltzye Dex

NFT Marketplace

NFT allows artists to exhibit their artworks and reach millions of art lovers in all countries around the world. Get started now by creating NFT artworks and maximizing your profits!

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Foltzye Launchpad

As a launchpad, Foltzye expects to navigate excellent metaverse and gaming projects to help them stand out in the crowd of the blockchain industry.

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Foltzye Dex

To create a decentralized exchange platform, Foltzye would love to introduce a user-friendly mean of crypto exchange for users allaround the world, especially for art and art-related projects.

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The Foltzye Metaverse

Our Projects

Foltzye Launchpad

An environment facilitate to hassle-free, professional fundraising for NFT & DeFi startups

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About project:

Fund and support high-potential blockchain and NFT startups seeking to engage with their core business. Blockchain and NFT startups from around the world will benefit from funding and end-to-end support.

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Blockchain for Gaming

In 2022, NFT games are expected to be one of the top trends in crypto. More and more Play 2 Earn projects are being incubated and made available to attract gamers. They allow gamers to not only recreate, but earn as well. Game development should improve the sophistication of future games as the trend develops.

VR Power House

VR and AR technologies have enabled gamers to create their own virtual world and live in it. With NFT technology, gamers could create their own immersive world that can be interacted with meaningfully. Using Foltzye VR Powerhouse technology, virtual assets can be set up using VR and NFT technology.

Partners & Investors



  • Launch Seed (Completed)
  • Research Binance Smart Chain, NFT and AvatarArt


  • Launch Strategic round
  • Launch program on staking FZY to earn NFT representing placements in 3D virtual reality space
  • Launch the NFT exchange


  • Introduce the collection of NFT for rare artworks and conduct auctions
  • Launch the Staking NFT system
  • Introduce the system supporting artworks, establish standard storage and preservation centers for artworks
  • Connect and set up a network of art experts and artists worldwide
  • Build Foltzye NFT Marketplace


  • Demo 3D virtual exhibition
  • Announce the extended ecosystems Foltzye Labs
  • Build Foltzye DEX
  • Build Foltzye Launchpad
  • Launch AvatarArt
  • Launch Foltzye NFT Marketplace, Foltzye DEX and Foltzye Launchpad


  • Develop Yield Guild
  • Continuously develop and promote Foltzye Launchpad
  • Widen AvatarArt’s network


  • Launch Yield Guild
  • Complete Foltzye Labs ecosystem
  • Develop global strategy

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